Friday, April 8, 2011

A Ruffle Here, A Ruffle There

There's no doubt about it, little girls love ruffles. From mini-frills to lots o' layers, they are, as my daughter says, "oh, so cute!" And I have to admit, after seeing my daughter wear them practically since birth, it's truly the best way to describe them.

This season,
children's wear collections are featuring flounces for girls of all ages. You'll spot them at the neck, across tops, and along hems. Regardless of the placement, they're sure to sweeten up any silhouette. The more traditional ruffled dresses and skirts in cotton or satin are still popular today as mothers and grandmothers will agree, cherished as timeless. Even so, this season ruffles are being used to accent many different types of fashions in a number of fabrications.

Swimwear, sleepwear, and accessories are showcasing this delightful little detail as well. They are particularly playful on bathing suit
s, especially tankinis. Other swimwear in high demand includes a ruffle trimmed Polynesian printed halter suit, several styles with ruffle skirted bottoms, and a one-piece with an asymmetrical ruffle shoulder strap.

Some prefer subtle ruffle enhancements, for others it's the more ruffles the better! Either way ruffles will add a precious pop to any little girls' garment. Find their (and your) favorite ruffled styles at


Jackie said...

These are so adorable. I think any little girl would squeal in delight at the bathing suit.

Kurt said...

This bathing suit is perfect!

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