Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Optical Illusions

Have you noticed a spike in clothes with optical illusions, especially for kids?   I've seen a great number of styles for both girls and boys that give the appearance of three dimensional details of embellishments and accessories.  What's not to love about getting the look without the full commitment?

These faux accents are very popular on t-shirts using a screen-print method.  Sometimes the flat graphic is combined with a small amount of actual ornamentation which 'tricks the eye' even more.   For instance, the picture of many layered necklaces seems more real with an added bit of glitter.  Our Flower Necklace Top is printed with silver chains and jeweled with rhinestones, creating a flower necklace.

This fashion statement comes in a variety of intensities from subtle to over the top.   Our Personalized Jersey Tee is printed to look like a baseball jersey.  Buttons, stitching, you name it,  it can even be personalized with your child's name above the number on the back.  Our Black and White separates group of black cotton with white printed detailing resembles formal wear like dress jackets and ties for boys.  Additionally, for the rock 'n roll in a suit type, the collection features a graphic overlay of a guitar complete with strap that will have you looking twice.


Carolyn said...

These clothes are so cool!

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Mimi said...

My granddaughter feels so glamorous in the necklace 3 piece tunic set- love it!!

MLB jerseys said...

Super cute! I love these clothes!