Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bittersweet Breakfast

Just a few weeks ago I found myself consoling my wife, Steph, as she experienced a bittersweet moment at breakfast one morning. Our seven year old son, Peyton, asked his mother to make him breakfast and she responded by saying she would, after she finished typing an email.

Peyton decided he wanted jelly toast, so he waited a minute or two and then got the bread, butter, and jelly out on his own. My wife heard some action in the kitchen and called out to let him know she would be there in a second, to which he replied, "it's OK, I can do it". Steph stopped what she was doing and went to help. He once again repeated, "it's OK, I can do it!", only the tone was a touch more stern the second time around.

Taken aback, my wife asked him if he was upset. He said no, but made it clear that if she continued asking him if he needed help, he would be. So, Steph shares the dialogue with me, and as I laugh about it, she stared laughing too, but I could tell it stung a bit.

Both of our children are very independent and the older they get the more prevalent if becomes. From food choices to music preferences, my wife and I are constantly amazed how fast our children are growing up, and how many times they no longer need our help. Have you had a similar experience? Share it with us here, or on Facebook.
Here they are on the last day of school...another year older.
President, CWDkids

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