Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

The South is in the midst of a large winter storm (okay, large for us...) and school was kindly canceled last night. We have received two inches of the white stuff as of 7am and it is predicted to keep falling on until tomorrow. My children could be out for days.

I know I will be looking for activities that do not involve a power cord by midday. Luckily, I saw this clever idea on the Make and Takes blog to keep children busy and work on a bit of science at the same time. Pop over to the Make and Takes blog and you will find a plan for creating a science journal to record your child's observations about the snow. For us, snow is such a rare event that my children will be mesmerized by everything about it and will relish the chance to document all of snow's wonderful, school-canceling attributes. Have fun!

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