Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Magic!

On Sunday, my youngest son saw on the news that there was a small chance of snow flurries predicted. He decided that it was his duty to do everything in his power to conjure up a blizzard. His older brother started exams on Monday (today) and he wanted to help. So... he put his pajamas on backwards, put a spoon under his pillow, placed an ice cube in the toilet and settled down for a long winter's nap. He had to be exhausted after all of this work! About ten o'clock, it did start to snow. My oldest son went outside to investigate. (We live in North Carolina so snow is an event.)

This morning, my oldest son told his brother about the snow and told him that he needed to work on his snow-calling spell as he conjured up a dusting, but not enough to call off his first exam! My youngest looked at him with a smile and headed off to school determined to ask every third grader what their snow procedures were as he thought maybe, just maybe, he had forgotten a step.

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