Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Store Is Open!

My youngest son set up a store in his room yesterday. He had accumulated a variety of items to sell, from bookmarks to coupons. He made a sign for his room door which is absolutely priceless. He proclaimed that everything in his store was being sold for under $1.11! (I really have NO idea where he came up with this amount) He also told his customers that they should NOT enter his store if he was asleep. You have to love a child who does not want to be woken up!

I am not sure what he had in mind. Did he think customers would be beating down his door late in to the night; especially, since his only customers were his parents. Unfortunately, his brother and sister refused to visit his store as they proclaimed loudly that most of his items were theirs and they should not have to buy back their own things. They did have a point, but really, who could turn down such imaginative and cute entrepreneur!

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