Friday, September 24, 2010

CWDkids & Kenya

You may remember the story about Matt, a local Richmond man who made a trip to a rural village in Kenya last year. He, along with a group from Koins For Kenya, built two water cisterns which now provide clean drinking water to the primary schools in the village. We were so impressed with this organization and how they are helping the children of Kenya, that we donated several boxes of tee shirts, dresses, shoes, and sun hats.

We were thrilled when we were sent us a few photos of the precious children proudly wearing the clothing from CWDkids. We were told that the children were very happy with their new clothing and there were "big smiles all around".

These children endure struggles each and every day that many of us will never encounter and they still remain resilient with bright smiles. If you would like to learn more about Koins For Kenya and their good work, please click here.

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Baba Bret said...

It should be noted that the children in these pictures attend the Special Needs school. All of them have full mental capacities, but suffer from physical handicaps that preclude them from walking the long distances to school. These children live at the school, and for the first time, receive academic instruction. The clothing that they received from CWDkids was not insignificant, since most of these children have never had a new piece of clothing in their lives.