Friday, July 9, 2010

This Week's Faves!

Tracey: My twins are crazy about Wipeout, the television show on ABC this summer. Wipeout is a wild show with zany Americans trying to complete soapy and muddy obstacle courses. I was thrilled to find a plan for my own backyard Wipeout (obstacle course) on Martha Stewart's website.

Ashley: Here is a terrific article detailing ways to keep your children's pens moving this summer from my local newspaper, The Charlotte Observer. This article provides creative ideas to sneak writing in to your children's summer days!

Kara: I am constantly amazed by the plethora of social media sites these days. Are you perplexed by "Tweetdecks" and "Yelp"? Read this article from the New York Times and you will learn all about the top social media sites.

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