Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Camp At Home!

My two oldest children are away at sleepaway camp this week. This leaves me all alone with my youngest son... What to do? I am tempted to clean my office, mulch my yard, or organize a stay-at-home camp to keep him busy this week! It was unanimous with a vote of 1-0, to plan a week of camp, even though we are still at home.

Yesterday, we planned out our schedule for the three days that we have without his siblings. We are seeing Toy Story 3, going to the Science Museum, and heading to the pool. We have also pitched our small tent in the backyard as a spot to do some afternoon reading. We displayed our activities on the refrigerator so we do not get sidetracked. He is so excited about his camp week at home and I am enjoying running my house like a camp counselor. I must admit that my son was not amused when I announced we were having "cabin" inspection in the morning, but he is humoring me and going along with the fun:)

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