Thursday, June 17, 2010

It Takes A Village

This phrase really hit home to me today as I was trying lay out a schedule to keep my family on track while I am out of town this weekend. On Thursday, I will be driving South for a much-needed girls’ weekend at the beach. I certainly know what military leaders feel like when they are planning a strategic attack.

To manage my three children, my dog, and yes, my husband, I have had to call in more than a village. For a weekend away, I have had to call in a chauffeur (a very sweet friend to shuttle my kids to and from school), a chef (Dominos will do!), the dog whisperer (my husband can handle the dog.. I hope), my mother-in-law, and a babysitter. Phew! My new mantra is it takes a village to raise a child and more than a village for a mother to go out of town for the weekend…

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