Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have Breakfast At Wimbledon!

This is a great week to have breakfast while watching some terrific tennis that is going on right now in Wimbledon, England. Use this opportunity to give your kids a cultural lesson about England and the traditions that continue at Wimbledon today.

Did you know that 23 tons of fruit, or more than 2 million berries, and 1,820 gallons of cream are eaten each year during the two weeks of Wimbledon? When the tennis tournament was started in the 1800's, strawberries were a popular food of the day and are fresh in England from May until September. The tradition of serving strawberries with fresh cream has continued for over 200 years! Your family will have fun learning the history behind this Wimbledon treat as well as eating this delicious strawberry dish while watching the final matches being played.

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