Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Force Is With Them!

My boys like to love watching the Star Wars movies. Often after a movie marathon watching Luke Skywalker dazzling his foes with his light saber, I know my two are headed to one of their favorite activities: "battling" with their plastic light sabers. It can get rather rough, but they both have a ball pretending to be various characters from the Star Wars movie.

Last year, my brother gave my eight-year-old son a fabulous museum-quality light saber for his birthday. The light saber came with its own display stand. This special light sword makes authentic sounds and lights up. My son treats it like Excaliber, with the utmost of care. It is NOT used for ordinary battling. Last night, my pesky teenager grabbed the special saber to battle.

My eight-year-old was indignant. He was so flustered that he was speechless. After a few seconds, he screamed at his brother to put down the special weapon finishing up with... "It is very valuable, an antique!" The antique line worked and the light saber was put back in its place of honor. Given the light saber was most likely made just a year ago, I am not sure how it qualifies as an antique; however, if you are only eight, it probably is an antique!

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