Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Speech Day!

Today is speech day at my children’s school. Each child had to write a speech and present it in front of their class. This may sound like a great idea for my older two children, but I also have an eight-year-old son! It is not an easy task to coerce a young boy to not play in this beautiful spring weather and write a speech on someone who lived over 100 years ago, Thomas Edison.

I hate to say that the boy has taken after his fearless leader, his brother, and really is an amazing PROCRASTINATOR! Yikes, that little fellow waited until the night before to finish his speech. He had me on pins and needles wondering if he would finish.

I thought it would be helpful for the little procrastinator to watch his brother and sister give their speeches. Last night, the whole family gathered in our den for the first annual “Speech Night”! Thomas Edison kicked off the event. He shocked us all with a well-written speech. His only hiccup was that he kept introducing himself as Thomas Jefferson, uh, don’t you mean Thomas Edison?? Nerves! He was so cute who really cared who he was talking about.

The older two children had been assigned the topic, “What your parents need to know about young people.” Oh come on, what teacher is going to give a loaded question like that to middle school kids. They have been waiting their whole lives to answer this question. My husband and I braced ourselves for their speeches. My fifth grader gave a lovely speech about parents needing to control their kids because often siblings attack siblings, meaning her, and she was fed up with the barrage of Nerf attacks at our house.

So far so good, until the fourteen-year-old got up and gave his speech. He wanted parents to know that video games were good for kids’ health, he seems to think you get a lot of exercise working young fingers on the remote controls. He talked about how punishments do not really work and the ultimate blow: parents should not listen to modern music. He seemed to think that I sang like an opera singer to Keisha’s Tick Tock and my singing could damage young ears. I thought I was being the fun mother by letting them listen to their music in my cars. It is 100% NPR in my car from now on!

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What a cutie!