Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guaranteed To Put Mom In A Good Mood!

I recently read an article that claimed fresh scents and a clean house could improve your mood. The article went on to tell you to air out your home, spritz a bit of Febreeze, straighten up… and so on. I think we need to take this article's findings a step farther. I am confident that most mothers know a cleaner house makes them happier, but what about a house cleaned by someone other than the mother... Now, you are talking! So, I got to thinking, kids (and husbands) need to take this very important scientific finding seriously.

Kids can use this discovery to their advantage. How, you ask? It is so easy and I know it will work every time. Here's what you do....tell your kids/spouse, that the next time they have done something that they know is going to stir up mom, RUN to the kitchen, scrub the sink, and wipe down the counters, BEFORE you show your bad grade, that Oops note, or something worse. (In case you do not know what an Oops note is, at my child's school, it is a note from your second grade teacher letting the parents know that your child forgot to bring in their homework. The note must be signed by a parent. My youngest just received his second Oops note and my middle school-aged daughter has traumatized him by letting him know that an Oops note is equivalent to a “D” in the second grade.. It’s all very dramatic in this house and we take our Oops notes seriously.)

Back to where I was going with this one, I know my idea will work. You can’t tell me there is a mother in this country that is not put in a good mood when she walks in to a room that has been cleaned by someone else. It is 100% guaranteed. You must share this secret with your children. I know the punishments at my house will be lighter if my crew reads this article and puts its findings in to action!

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