Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friendly Warning..

My kids have gone back to school today and that means I am now alone with not one, but three Easter baskets! I have been good the past two days, really good. Mind you, my children were on guard and I could not have nibbled on one jelly bean if I had wanted one. I did want one, but knew better than to ask.

This morning, I was all set to dive in to a bit of chocolate with my morning coffee. Who does not like chocolate with their coffee? Until I had to find this unfortunate article in Newsweek magazine, it has ruined my morning. Unfortunately, a writer for Newsweek magazine has listed the eight most fattening foods in your child’s Easter basket. Of course, the Easter Bunny brought all of them to my house. Who knew that a Reese’s egg could be so dangerous? If you want to know which candies are the most unhealthy, click here to read the sad truth.


Anonymous said...

After the winter we've had, we NEED chocolate. It's medicinal!

Ashley said...

YES, we do:)