Tuesday, April 20, 2010


According to my oldest son, our video game system has died... Oh, I am SO sad about that;) I really felt his pain. NOT! What luck that his PlayStation will not turn on. I feel like I just won the lottery.

Look at what my two youngest children created now that their video game days are over! All day Saturday, they had such much fun building this fort and "spying" on their neighbors. They used their walkie talkies to report back and forth all of the unsafe activities that were going on around our neighborhood.

The next day, the creativity continued with my youngest son making a miniature golf course in our backyard. Yes, he did almost hit me in the head with his golf ball when he was teeing off..., but I really could not be that mad as he was having such a good time. Now, I know why every child's first lesson really must be when and why you must scream "FORE!" when you have just hit a golf ball straight at your unsuspecting mother's head.

The Simple Organic blog has declared this week a "Turn Off Your T.V. and Make Life Happen Week". I am joining in and throwing in my dying gaming device too!

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coolmom said...

Adorable! LOVE the pink leopard print blanket!