Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who Needs Candy?

I feel like we just finished our Valentine’s candy and the chocolate coins brought by the Leprechaun (yes, I did...) and it is time for Easter. This year, I am working hard to create wonderful Easter baskets with limited candy. My children’s teeth cannot take any more sugar, nor can my waistline!

I have come up with some ideas that I hope will thrill my children and not destroy their teeth.
  • Fill plastic eggs with stickers, erasers, jewelry, or loose change.
  • Pick up favorite sports trading cards.
  • Drop in some puzzle books or a children’s magazine.
  • Include a book by a favorite author or a special Easter picture book.
  • I know you need to put in some edible treats, so what about fruit leather, Teddy Grahams packs, Annie's bunny crackers (a must!) and yes, some candy. You really can’t have a basket without jelly beans and chocolate eggs!
  • I also saw that CWDkids has some extra cute Easter gifts that would be perfect in a basket. Click here to see them all! I love the Five Monkeys' finger puppets and the pastel bunny stuffed animal!
  • AND my favorite: an electric toothbrush!
I think these ideas will keep your little ones busy on Easter morning and out of the dentists’ chair! Do you have any suggestions, let us know!

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