Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My children have Friday off this week. Sometimes, a long weekend can get a little too long at my house, so I have started to plan out a few activities to keep them moving and NOT watching television all day. My first and favorite is a big surprise.. Shhh! And will occur on Friday morning.

I am planning a surprise morning Easter egg hunt. Thursday night, I will hide lots of filled Easter eggs in my yard. As some of you may know, I am trying to steer away from a complete sugarfest this year... so I will be filling my eggs with some candy, but I also will put in coins, stickers, erasers, and Silly Bandz. I am going to hide a grand prize Golden Egg. This egg will contain movie tickets for the group. (I really want to go see How To Train Your Dragon.)

I have planned to leave one egg outside of each child's door. Inside the egg, they will find an invitation to a surprise morning egg hunt. They will be told to wake up their siblings (a difficult task since I have a fourteen-year-old sleep addict) and get hunting!

This should keep us busy for Friday! Now, for the rest of the weekend, what do you have planned?

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