Friday, March 19, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

Spring....we have been waiting for you! Tomorrow marks the first official day of a new beginning. I love the unmistakable signs of spring: longer hours of daylight, the sound of chirping birds, and the little pops of green emerging from the ground as the crocuses and daffodils make their festive arrival. Spring also means more play time outside and more exposure to the sun. Although there are many healthy benefits to moderate sunlight exposure, the damaging effects can be very serious. So make sure your kids are protected.

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a relatively new rating designation for sun protective textiles and clothing. A garment with UPF rating 50+ (the highest possible rating) which means it will only allow 1/50th of the UV radiation to pass through; blocks 49/50th or 98% of UV radiation. With sun safety in mind, CWDkids has a great selection of swimwear with UPF ratings, in cool styles and colors to provide a fun way for your kids to keep safe from the sun.

Also, don't forget to pack your sunscreen even when you are not on the beach or at the pool. A sunny day at the park or playground can cause a bad sunburn if they are not protected. Keep a lightweight hat on hand and re-apply their sunscreen throughout the day.

Just a few simple steps will help your peace of mind and keep you prepared for more outside living. Now, get out there and enjoy some great family time this spring!

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