Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Leprechaun Versus Me!

Okay, some of you may remember that I did succumb to the pressure of having an elf visit my shelf over the Christmas holidays. I did NOT want to bend to the heavy guilt I was feeling, but one too many stories about everyone else’s elf set me over the edge. In the end, I felt I could not deprive my poor, neglected third child. And voila, along with other the millions of other guilty parents across this country, the elf was on my shelf!

Yesterday, I could NOT believe what I overheard? In my very own kitchen, I hear my youngest son telling his sister about this crazy leprechaun that is visiting his friends’ houses. This green guy is leaving gold coins (chocolate, of course), coloring milk green, and sprinkling glitter. You have got to be kidding me on the glitter! Who is vacuuming up all of this mess?

I promise you that I will not be guilted in to this leprechaun trap. I will not play this game! I can stand strong against the tide of all the indulgent leprechauns that are visiting everyone in the second grade, except for my son!

My husband keeps telling me to not engage in adolescent arguments with my fourteen-year-old son. I am going to adopt this same warfare stance with the leprechaun... unless, my sweet eight-year-old son looks at my sideways and I will use some of these cute ideas that I have already scouted out on the Make and Takes blog and the Twist blog. Who can resist these rainbow pancakes? How about you, do you host the leprechaun in your house?


Mommy said...

Nope...no leprechaun...though I must say I did not succumb to the elf either...I told my MIL that a friend's kids were scared of it...she was heartbroken...but I am the one who would have to do it! Got to do some rainbow pancakes though!

Tory said...

No leprechaun...I know others who do it and seriously though, where does it end?! She keeps up extra early, to "play tricks" on her kids and leaves gold coins around...but too me, it just seems like another way for the industry to "make a buck!"
I've drawn my line with that one.