Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stayin' Alive in the 1700's?

February 22 was George Washington’s birthday. In his honor, my eleven-year-old daughter completed a history project on George Washington this weekend. Her assignment was to put together a video interview of George Washington (played by herself). She worked all day Saturday coming up with questions that she would like to ask “George”, as well as making her costume. She collected her brother’s baseball pants and blue blazer. She created her powdered wig using a winter hat and cotton balls. She really looked great.

Sunday afternoon, she ran over to her friend’s house to film the interview. She thought her friend could “do a better job” than I would as the interviewer. (I really was not offended to be left out of the project.) Four hours later, she returned home and proudly showed me her video.

She and her friend had drawn an American flag and decorated their interview set. It all looked perfect. I could not wait to see what she had created. My daughter told me that she and her friend had decided to start the video with music as an introduction. Oh, I thought what a great idea to use music until I heard the tune… It was not a Colonial fife and drum tune or a nice instrumental. Somehow, these girls had selected Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees!? I really have no idea where the idea to bring the Bee Gees to the late 1700’s came from. I truly think the Bee Gees need to stay in the 1980’s and should not be brought to the past or the present. I sat and watched their whole interview trembling with fear that John Travolta was going to jump out from backstage to conclude the production. I cannot wait to hear about their teacher's reaction!

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