Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Secret Valentine And Her Shoes...

Last week, my second grade son was assigned a “secret” Valentine. He drew the name of one of his classmates and all week, he was supposed to leave secret valentines or treats for this "special" friend. His teachers wanted the class to learn about doing nice acts for others without expecting anything in return. (Something a mother knows all about!)

Of course, he drew the name of a dreaded girl and each day he struggled with what words to use on his notes. He did not want to give the wrong impression. (I am not sure what impression an eight year old can give??) One particular day, he really belabored his word choice on his card. My curiosity was peaked and I just had to look in to his bag to see what he wrote. It said, and I am not joking, “I like your shoes.” At least, he attached a bag of cookies to his note.
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Anonymous said...

His mother must have taught him that this is a very high compliment in the world of females!