Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Curling In The School Gym?

My family has been mesmerized by the Olympic sport of curling! It's like a combination of bowling, hockey, sweeping, and aiming. Can you imagine how great curlers must be at cleaning their own homes' floors? They make everyday sweeping look fun, almost an Olympic sport. (I really must remember this feeling the next time I sweep my kitchen floor.)

You can imagine my surprise when my eight-year-old son came home and told me his team at school had won the gold medal for curling in his P.E. class. Curling in school? Yes, he had! His clever P.E. teacher created a school version of curling. The children used hockey sticks, bean bags, and targets and they had a blast curling all over their gym. So what do I know, I am hoping my eight-year-old takes to school curling. I have told him that he can practice at home whenever he wants. I will get out my mop or broom and he can practice his curling technique all over my kitchen floor!

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