Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are You Ready For Football?

My house is starting to hum with excitement....we are getting ready for football’s biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl.

My eight year-old-son cannot wait. He has picked his team: the Colts, he has his jersey pressed and ready, #18 Peyton Manning, and we are working on our menu. Everyone in my house loves the Super Bowl, not just for the game, but what else, the food! It is an evening for hearty fare and a bit of the unhealthy too!

I just found a recipe for pizza bites on Annie’s Eats blog that will be perfect for our evening. I found some fun ideas to keep the children busy during the game on the Suite 101 blog. They will be playing hide and go seek with a football, having a cookie decorating contest, or maybe a cheerleading contest.

Saints or Colts? Who are you rooting for this year? Let us know!

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Anonymous said...

Bennett, you are a winner with any team! Best wishes, Peyton