Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get Organized in 2010!

Guess what my New Year's Resolution is this year? (or ReVolution if you are talking to my seven-year-old son) TO GET ORGANIZED!

My kids are back in school after a very long winter break. The house is a mess. It truly looks like my kids set bombs off in their closets so I guess it is time to make good on my new promise for 2010 and get to work!

I am starting with my kids' closets. Their closets are filled with clothes from last year and this year and it is impossible to find anything!

With three children, this is not an easy task as clothes must be saved and keeping things neat is not my strong suit. I am going to start my project by dividing my children’s clothing and shoes in to three piles: keep, donate, or store for my youngest child. I hope to have my basement looking like this photo from the Small Notebook blog.

Click here to find some more helpful tips to help you get started! If you have any ideas that keep your family organized, PLEASE let me know!


Anonymous said...

That's a good idea!

Rachel said...

It is so hard to keep up with clothes since they grow so fast! It's a constant challenge isn't it.