Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wow, this has been the season for braces at my house! Last week, my fourteen year-old son had braces put on his teeth. It was quite a painful experience that he milked for all of the extra attention and take out food he could get.

This week, my eleven-year-old daughter (and me) has been shocked by the news that she needs braces put on her very crooked teeth ASAP. She is scheduled to have her braces put on next week. Phew. It is whirl wind of milkshakes, soft foods, and Advil at this house. This is all new to my children and me. Have you ever tried to floss with braces? This is a nearly impossible task and mind-boggling for a child to attempt.

The worst part is preparing for the storm that is going to erupt at home when my oldest son realizes that he and his sister will be sporting their metal at the same time. He is already distraught that he will be one of the last in his class to wear braces and now, he must deal with the sad fact that his younger sister will be wearing braces at the same that he will be.
Ahhh, the joys of raising adolescents!


Siemens said...

We'll be there with the braces very soon, so I feel for you. Cute picture! I wanted to email you guys to let you know I love your clothes and order every season. The one thing I CANNOT find anywhere else and would order every, single year is a light, neutral-colored spring coat for Easter. Not a jacket or a sweater, a pretty, light coat. Just an idea for you. Thanks!

CWDkids said...

Thank you for your idea. I will pass it along to one of our buyers. We love hearing from our customers.

Have a great weekend!