Thursday, December 17, 2009

Help, There's An Elf On My Shelf!

Has the Elf visited your house this year?!! For the past few years, my daughter has gone nuts over the Elf , this craze was started by the very clever person who created the Elf On A Shelf empire, complete with book, video and Elf. Over the past few Christmases, my daughter has kept me hopping trying to respond to her countless notes to the Elf. I have also had to compete with what her friends’ Elves were doing. According to her, many Elves are leaving gifts on a daily basis, playing tricks, writing letters, and moving all over the house at night. Unfortunately for my kids, our Elf just moves around the house and writes notes back in a foreign language. My son thinks it is Egyptian! He leaves the gift giving to Santa.

As she is now eleven, I secretly was relieved that our Elf days were over… until, my seven-year-old son came home from school frantic that my daughter write the Elf so he would come to our house. Apparently, his second grade friends had all been visited by their Elves and he wanted his Elf to come too. My maternal guilt for my poor neglected third child went in to overdrive.

I searched all over the house and guess what? I cannot remember where I put my Elf. I went to buy a new Elf and add to the millions the Elf On The Shelf writer is making and found the bookstore sold out! I scrambled all over town to find some sort of Elf ,any Elf that could visit our house. I was becoming desperate. Luckily, Marshall’s had something that would work. Last night, my daughter wrote him a note complete with a sprig of our Christmas tree and voila, he appeared this morning. The magic and exhaustion continues!


The Gump Family said...

We have had our elf "Frank" for 3 years now and he is still very magical for my 5 and 6 year olds. He is in a new location everyday, he eats and leaves notes :) It will be a sad day when "Frank" is not so magical.

Anonymous said...

What do elves eat???

The Gump Family said...

lots of least there are lots of empty candy wrappers for my boys to find :)