Monday, November 30, 2009

What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

After reading Simple Mom's blog post on creating a holiday tradition, I began to think about the traditions my family enjoys. A few years ago, I started giving my three children new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Sometimes, I match them up, I love these cute pajamas! This year, with a thirteen year old in the house, I will probably select something unique for each them. I love these for my daughter.

Last year, I started a new tradition for my family. I selected a special book for each child and my husband. I wrote a note about why I selected the book and the date. I hope this new tradition will help them build their own special libraries.

Over twenty years ago, my college roommates began exchanging ornaments instead of gifts. Way back then, we did not have any ornaments of our own so we decided it would be fun (and useful) to give each other a new tree ornament each year. Twenty years later, we are still going strong!

What are some of your family traditions? We would love to hear from you!

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