Friday, November 20, 2009

This Weeks Fave's

Ashley: You may not want to hear this.....eating movie popcorn is equivalent to eating 3 hamburgers or 12 tablespoons of butter. Yikes! And to think, I thought popcorn was the healthy option for a movie snack. Click here to read the whole depressing truth about movie popcorn.

Kara: Don't have time to exercise? Believe it or not, you are already working out each day as a parent. Click here to find a humorous way to make your daily routines a workout!

Tracy: I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week. Each year, I like to try out one new recipe. This year, I found a scrumptious sweet potato recipe on Paula Deen's blog. I think it will be a hit!

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Anonymous said...

Funny article on a mommy exercise plan.

thank you!