Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swine Flu - Take 2!

I feel like I am starring in the movie Groundhog Day at my house! Two weeks ago, my daughter was sick with the swine flu. She missed an entire week of school, but the rest of the family somehow made it through not catching the virus. I thought I had dodged a bullet of three children out of school and in bed for a week. I breathed a sigh of relief....until yesterday afternoon when my oldest son started to cough and complain of the chills. I knew I was in trouble. I told myself it was probably strep throat or it could just be a cold, but after a quick trip to the doctor to confirm what I already knew, he is in bed with the swine flu.

Once again, I am scrubbing and disinfecting my house. I have quarantined him to his room with movies and a portable DVD player. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to relive this sickness again in two weeks with my youngest son… If you have any suggestions of how to keep a thirteen-year-old boy quiet, but entertained, for a few days, please let me know!

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momtosix said...

Sorry your son is sick. As far as something quiet to do, the only thing I could suggest is find what they like to do (that's quiet) and buy it. DS games or movies in the area of interest. Special snacks. Choose some movies or even educational dvds (haha) through Netflix and let him watch. That's what we do, and lots of TLC.