Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Candy Survival Tips!

My children LOVE Halloween. Each year, they have a big contest to see which child collects the most candy. They sort their candy by brand and type and trade their siblings for their favorite varieties of candy. This is all great fun; however, as they have gotten older, they are bringing home a LOT of candy. My youngest child will eat the candy all day long. He is already the king of cavities and this year after a few too many trips to the dentist, I know that I must get the tooth decaying sweets out of my house quickly!

I have scoured the Internet looking for ideas of what to do with my children’s Halloween candy. I found that some parents recommend taking the candy to a nursing home, food pantry, or to the office. Many swap the candy for a small gift. Candy can also be saved to use on a holiday gingerbread house. The delish.com blog has come up with some great dessert recipes that put your extra Halloween candy to work.

Do you have any special ideas on how to empty your children’s Halloween bag quickly? We would love to hear from you!

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