Friday, September 4, 2009

This Weeks Fave's

Kara: There has been a lot of news about the swine flu lately, and having a newborn in the house I have been getting a little nervous about contracting the the dreaded virus. It may seem like common sense, but it is SO important to wash your hands to prevent infection. If you think about how many surfaces you touch during the day that other people have come in contact with (and how many of those people did NOT wash their hands), I think you would be surprised. Here is interesting article about the importance of hand washing to prevent getting sick.

: School has been in session just over a week and I am already scrambling around for new ideas of what to put in my children's lunchboxes! With three children, each with different tastes, it takes a lot of ingenuity to make healthy, yet appealing lunches. I found some great suggestions on the Tip Junkie blog this week. Take a look here to find many great ideas. I think your kids will thank you!

Tracy: Although my child is only 2, back-to-school season has me thinking about when she heads off to school. I read this article (and some others like it) recently and have decided that I fall into the camp of parents who think that Kindergartners do not need homework. I think that a full day of school is plenty and they need some downtime. It is a controversial topic so I would love to know what you all think...especially parents who have older kids that have "been there, done that."


momtosixpack said...

Those lunches are cute, but I have a hard time imagining mothers having the time to create something like that very often. After all of that work it would be hard to see most of it in the garbage if there's a picky eater. I don't have picky eaters, but I do have six children and I would rather spend my time reading to them all than trying to create an edible boat out of celery, cheese and bologna. Maybe for some special occasion, but not often.

CWDkids said...

I agree with you about not having the time to make an intricate lunch. I usually take one small idea and try to add that to their lunches.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend!