Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Daughter's First Apartment: Her School Locker!

My daughter is starting middle school this year. She will go to a new campus and will change classes. Do you want to know what her favorite part about middle school is? It has nothing to do with the new location or her academic environment. She will get her very own locker!!

Have you heard that a girls’ first apartment is her school locker? I laughed when I heard that joke at school last year. I thought, to myself, that is for some other girls, not mine. Well, I have to admit, I was wrong.

My daughter has been planning how to accessorize her locker all summer. Early on, she informed me of the “must-haves” for your locker: locker shelf, magnetic pencil holder, photos of her friends and dog (NOT her mother of 11 years..) and a mini whiteboard. This appears to be the bare minimum. I did find a fun post on the Tip Junkie blog that gives more great ideas on how to accessorize your school locker. Click here to read it.

My brother told me that he heard some children have themes for their lockers. I have told him to keep this information to himself. I am frightened that she may consider installing a doorbell to her locker. I will keep you posted as to the contents and decorations of her locker as her fifth grade year progresses.