Monday, September 14, 2009

Mrs. Reid - 30 Years with CWDkids!

Before we were CWDkids, we were a chain of retail stores called Small People. Small People was founded in 1979 by CEO Philip Klaus, Jr. When Philip was having lunch at the High's Ice Cream Store in Beverly Hills Shopping Center (in Richmond, VA), his waitress happened to be a very friendly woman, named May Reid. While worked progressed on his store, Philip and Mrs. Reid talked daily and by the time the store opened, Mrs. Reid was a Small People employee. Days turned into years and Small People eventually became Children's Wear Digest, and then CWDkids. One constant during CWDkids history has been Mrs. Reid.

Mrs. Reid, a native of Rhode Island, is the mother of five sons, 10 grandchildren and at last count 12 great-grandchildren. It has been a tradition in the Reid home that all the family gathered for Sunday dinner. Mrs. Reid has an additional "mini" kitchen in her basement to handle the overflow of cooks. Having worked side by side with Mrs. Reid for 10 years I would look forward to Monday mornings just to hear about her family dinners. She had such wonderful stories and I shared many laughs with her. Mrs. Reid is never at a loss for words and has that New England quick wit!

During my years with Mrs. Reid our steady stream of regular customers would come week after week to buy from her. Mrs. Reid remembered every one of them by name as well as their children's names and sizes, and now she is now fitting those children's children! They all come in to say hello and get that special hug and smile. Even former high school store employees come back to visit her, many bringing in their own children now!

To grow a successful business, you need a strong leader. CWDkids certainly has that in our president Jim Klaus. You also need intangibles such as warmth, a friendly smile, and loyalty. We certainly have all of that and more in Mrs. Reid.

Congratulations Mrs. Reid on your 30 years of loyal service to CWDkids!

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