Monday, August 10, 2009

Where Are They Now?

Cabot (on the left) modeled for us back in 2003.

How time flies!

Cabot is now a rising freshman at Virginia Tech. She is planning to major in accounting.
She spends summers as the head life guard at the Va. Power Boat Club and baby sitting, earning spending money for what else but CLOTHES!!! Cabot has a chocolate lab named "Clover". She will join her brother, Watkins, a rising junior at VT and has an older sister, Kate, at ECU.

We got this update from her dad who just happens to be the sales rep for our current paper supplier.

If you know one of our past models, we would love to hear what they have been up to. Email Cathy Daley at with photos and an update!

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mommatosix said...

Back around 1995 or so, when my first two sons were babies, you had a cute little girl model. She was probably around 7. She modeled a lot of your clothing. At first she had her two top front teeth out, and she still appeared in your catalogs for a few more seasons. I always wondered what happened to her. Over the years, I still remember her as one of the sweetest looking and cutest models you used.

Yes, I've been ordering from CWD for almost 15 years. My youngest children still wear CWD.