Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Reading?

If you have school age children, you know that it is time for your children to complete their summer reading requirements. I have three children who start school in less than a week. They started off their summer reading every day. They were motivated.… somehow, with vacations and I don’t know what, they have fallen off the reading wagon.

I am struggling with how to motivate them without appearing to be an ogre. I found a great idea on the fun fabulous blog that I am going to tweak a bit to get them back on track. This clever blog suggests having a fairy come visit your children. Click here to see their idea along with a fun chart and coupon that you can use to motivate your children to do just about anything.

I am going invite the Book Reading Fairy to our house. The Book Reading Fairy will leave book store coupons for each child doing a great job reading. My children can use the book store coupons to buy what else? A new book (or a special drink from the coffee store located inside my favorite bookstore)! My children love going to the book store so I am hoping this will spur them on to reach the finish line before school starts.

If you have any great ideas that you use, please let me know!

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