Monday, August 31, 2009

Staff Profile - Cathrine

Update! As of August 1st, I am officially a dog owner! While doggie-sitting my sister and brother-in-law's adorable Australian terrier mix for 10 days in June, I realized I wanted one of my own. Searching the area's shelters, I fell in love with a dandie dinmont terrier mix named Kaboom! After adopting him, I quickly learned the reason for the name: this dog can jump high! I set up a baby gate to keep him in my kitchen while I was at work, but he fearlessly leaped over the 23" barrier in under a minute. I think I'm going to have to look into some agility classes for this pup!

Ultimately I had to change his name; I just couldn't say "Kaboom!" with a straight face. He now goes by "Mosby," which also fits him perfectly. I grew up on Mosby Street, named after John S. Mosby. This Confederate commander was known as the "Grey Ghost," and what do you know? My dog is grey!

Even though I thought it has only been a short time, I truly enjoy being a dog owner. I now take a walk everyday; plus Mosby always keeps me entertained! Who could resist those big brown eyes and crazy fur?

Staff Profile - Cathrine (with CWDkids since 2005)

After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2005 with a major in graphic design, I came to Richmond. With three years experience at the student newspaper advertising department under my belt, the position at a children’s clothing catalog was a perfect match. Working with children has always been something that came naturally to me. Throughout middle and high school, I volunteered for a summer preschool and helped at an afternoon program for underprivileged kids.

As CWDkids’ Art Director and one-half of the Creative Department, my days are never the same. I work on the catalogs, emails, ads, and create the webpage files. The images you see on the homepage are generally created by me; and sometimes I come up with their copy too! I also help with the photography, which includes ironing and crawling on the floor to style the clothes, as well as getting kids ready at photo shoots. I have been known to do a silly dance to help get the models laughing.

My supportive family has shaped me into who I am. With three big sisters, you learn from their experiences and also how to be very flexible. My two nieces (who are pictured with me) and two nephews are a big part of my life. Although they do not live locally, I try to see them as much as possible. When my oldest sister told me I was going to be an aunt, I said, “They are going to think I’m so cool, they are going to call me AC!” Even though the name hasn’t quite caught on, they do tend to call me, “Silly Aunt Cathrine!”

Cathrine's Tidbits:
  • Everyday, I still can be seen eating a turkey sandwich (with cheese, lettuce, and mayo) with pretzels, but now I prefer to play Bookworm instead of Spider Solitaire.

  • My name Cathrine (with no e in the middle!) comes from my maternal grandmother, and my middle name Ann is from my paternal grandmother.

  • I was Salutatorian of my high school graduating class.

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