Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moonbounce Mania

From Sandra (Inventory and Quality Control):

In my last update, I mentioned my youngest daughter Kate and I volunteer at The Children’s Museum of Richmond (C-MoR). We’ve volunteered at Carniball and for the 25th Birthday Party. On August 1st, Kate and I volunteered at Moonbounce Mania!

Moonbounce Mania was to promote physical fitness and just plain fun! There were five different bounces spread out over the grounds, both indoors and out. Kate and I were in charge of a bounce that had a slide as well! While I stood outside the bounce and supervised the crowd, Kate was inside with the kids! She had to help some of the smaller children climb the ladder. Over 1100 children visited CMOR and I don’t know how many children visited during our four hour shift, but at the end Kate was one tired 13 year old!!

This week Kate is volunteering at the C-MoR Summer Camp. There are eleven weeks of camp programs for three different age groups. Kate is helping out with the school age children (7-9) in Seymour’s Lab camp. The campers use all of their senses to make observations and predictions like a real scientist! They ooze, slime, crackle and create while applying math and scientific concepts. Yesterday they made “Glack” from Borax, glue and water. Kate brought some home-YUK to me but she loved it!

I recommend volunteering in general, but if you can volunteer with your child you will be rewarded twice! We would love to know where you and your child(ren) volunteer. Comment and let us know!

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