Thursday, July 9, 2009

What To Do When There Is Nothing To Do!

Every summer it happens… the whining cry of “I’m bored… what can I do?” starts. Usually, this occurs about one month in to summer. The kids are tired of going to the pool, their friends are out of town, and I won’t let them watch tv. This happened to me last Saturday. I was hiding in my room reading a terrific book that I could not put down. I decided to ignore their pleas for ideas and acted as if I did not hear them. This takes a strong resolve...

Eventually, they wandered off. A while later, I realized I had not heard from them in some time and started looking to see what they were up to and saw this! They were having a blast. I heard giggling and looked up to see their creation, a “secret” fort. My three kids had created a clubhouse and were having spy meetings and devising plans for hours.

Later that night, these same "bored" children set up a family Olympics, complete with a long jump, ping pong tournament, and racing time trial. My youngest son drew our prizes. See his handiwork below.
I am always amazed at what kids can come up with once they are allowed to get bored and create fun on their own! I think this was one of their best days of summer and we did not leave the house!

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