Monday, July 6, 2009

Staff Profile - Mary

Update! Since writing this profile last year, a lot has changed. I've gone from Weekend Mimi to the primary care giver to five of my grandchildren. Home life these days is, well....busy. Although my youngest doesn't live with me, she calls me, If I don't see her each day.

My son became a single father earlier this year and with five children this was no easy task. There were many decisions that had to be made. We concluded that moving in with my husband and I would be best. This is where I would like to brag about the companies we work for.. My son is an electrician for a family owned business, my husband is the facilities superintendent at a local up scale shopping center, and of course CWDkids is my home away from home.

These outstanding businesses understand the needs of family. They've allowed my son and I to tweak hours, and my husband to take a vacation day every Friday during the summer to fill our needs and that of my grandchildren. We feel so blessed and want to take this opportunity to say thank you and let others know just how special you are!

Staff Profile - Mary (with CWDkids since 1999)

I moved from My Old Kentucky Home to Richmond VA in 1989 and first worked in the retail trenches for the marketing department of an upscale mall. After many years on the front lines, I decided it was time for me to work behind the scenes.

I started working for CWDkids in 1999, which could not have been better timing, because I was a new grandmother. Now more than nine years later I have six awesome grandchildren. I’m sitting in grandparent heaven!

Here at our corporate office, I have a multifunction position. On the administrative side I process your mail orders and merchandise returns. I manage returned checks from mail orders and stores, maintain our stores email listings, prepare bank deposits, adjust totals on offsite warehouse merchandise transfers, answer phones and assist with various other things. As office manager I maintain inventory and buy supplies for our office and three stores. I communicate property problems to appropriate vendors. In our blog introduction you heard about our resident fish, well, I give them tender loving care everyday. CWDkids has been the perfect fit as it has complimented my home life.

I recently learned I will be taking on some new projects as well. Jim (the boss) gave me his fortune cookie the other day and the message was “You Love a Challenge”, hmmm… think that was a setup?

Mary’s Tidbits:

  • My grandchildren give me life!!
  • My Virginia husband of 10 years has been the most PATIENT man I’ve ever known.
  • Coming from a humble background I appreciate all the finer things in life; my family, pets and friends.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Mary! What beautiful grandkids! My spedial thanks to your hubby for being so patient. Having known you over half my life, I know what a patient person you are, as a friend, mother and grandmother! God bless you all!
One of your KY "Sisters"

craftfrog said...

Nice to see adults behaving like adults. I hope the best for your nice family. Sounds like you are all pulling together.

Anonymous said...

Your smiling face every morning is a gift to CWDkids as well as your family!


DW said...

Mary you are one special woman for sure. I have known you for years now and you are such a hard worker and dear friend. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you! You have a heart of gold.
Cheers to you.

Julie Gordon said...

Sorry I didn't get to write when this was orginially posted! Your family is beautiful and I know you are a wonderful grandma! Happy Grandparents Day to you and Jay.
PS- I've always loved CWD's clothes.
Julie TG