Thursday, July 16, 2009

How To Survive Your Summer Road Trip!

In a few weeks, my family will be hitting the road to Yellowstone National Park. My husband and I will be spending one week driving on America’s highways with our three children. This will be our first real family road trip! I am really looking forward to seeing a new part of the country, but I am a little nervous as traveling with children can often be challenging. Luckily, I am past the baby bottles and diaper stage; however, I do have a 13 year old. I am not sure which is worse, an inconsolable screaming baby or an irrational 13 year old. Truly, it is a toss up.

I have been looking all over to find the best way to pack our things and tips on how to entertain our kids on the long car rides that we will have from place to place. I found some ways to fight boredom on car trips on mommy’s idea book blog and on Take a look here and here to find great games and activities for your kids to do in the car. I know my children will particularly like hooking up the family mp3 player and playing “Name That Tune”! I am also going to use the “kids essentials check list for a road” put together by Real Simple.
To pack, I love the suggestion that I found on the small notebook blog to pack each day’s clothing in individual Ziploc bags. This will make it easy for my kids to find their clothes and will keep them from destroying the contents of their suitcases when looking for something to wear. It will also help my 7 year old wear clean clothes every day that also match!

If you have any great ideas, please let me know!


Michelle said...

Have to say I think the baby is easier than the 13 yr old. lol I do have to say that just remember while the 13 yr old is complaining she is seeing and making memories. We did a similar trip when my now 17 yr old son was that age and he complained almost the whole time, like "Grand Canyon is just a big hole, who cares". Now 4 yrs later he looks very fondly back on those memories. He also recently apologized for how he acted on that trip and asked why I still took him on trips after that. lol So just remember it is the age and they are making beautiful memories in spite of themselves.

Oh and one thing that was great that we do is we got them all really cheap digital cameras to capture all their memories.

craftfrog said...

Since you'll probably have your laptop, how about letting them do a trip blog at the end of each day. Great to send out to family and friends--beats postcards!