Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Behind the Scenes at our Fall Shoot

This May, Cathrine and I spent 9 days shooting CWDkids' fall collection at various locations in High Point and Archdale, NC, where we work with a great team of photographers. Most years we worry about the models overheating in sweaters and long sleeves, but this year was a different story—the average morning temperature was in the 40s! Great for the kids, but not so much for us. (The picture to the right shows Cathrine, with photogrpaphers Katie and Chris, trying to keep warm and wake up on a cold morning.)

While the long days and weather can be challenging, we have a great time working with the kids. Cathrine does silly dances, we tell jokes and do whatever we can to make it fun for the models. You get to see the final results of our hard work in the catalog and on the web, but we capture alot of funny moments too. We thought we'd share some of those with you!

Cole gets caught jumping on the bed!

Carley cracks up.

Give a child a cape and their imagination goes wild!

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Anonymous said...

I think next summer's shoot should be on the coast in southern maine at portland headlight-so summery!