Thursday, June 25, 2009

Staff Profile - Jean

Update! Since writing this profile last year I have been blessed with my baby Hannah! Remember all those things I said I enjoyed doing? Well forget that! Now that Hannah is part of the family, there is no time for going to festivals, gardening, or going out with my girlfriends. However, I really like this mommy stuff! Many wise mothers tell me that normal life does begin to return as your children grow older. (Of course they say it with a grin and then give me all the gory details about the amount of time I will spend carting her around to her activities.) Let me say that I feel very blessed to have been given the gift of a child who is sweet, personable, easy going, and beautiful.

I was thrilled to see that CWDkids is carrying infant sizes in a few dresses this summer and I couldn't pass up the temptation to buy these for her. I've always loved our clothes and I could always imagine which of my nieces, nephews, or friends children would look good wearing them. Now, I hoard the catalog and try to guess what size Hannah might be in the future so I can snatch up the "must-haves" in hope she can eventually wear them. Working for a children's clothing company is probably not a wise decision for my pocketbook....but it is a lot of fun!

Profile - Jean

While Jean does not technically work for CWDkids, she has become a part of our family over the past 12 years. She is the account rep at our fulfillment center and has worked with us so long that we have adopted her as a honorary staffer!
Officially, Jean's job duties include ensuring that the computer systems, call center, distribution center and supporting vendors are handling business per our requirements and policies, conducting business analytics to support and grow CWDkids' business, and partnering with CWDkids on new ventures. To us, she is the Jean-of-all-trades! She will tackle virtually any project that we throw her way. She knows so much about the fulfillment industry that we rely on her expertise heavily. We are so thankful of her knowledge, but more importantly for her work ethic. She is ALWAYS there when we need her!

Jean has worked in the catalog and web industry for over 20 years. From call center associate, returns processor, customer service supervisor to account support, she has worked for so many departments that she has a very well rounded understanding of all processes which allows her to advise us on all of our fulfillment processes as well as other marketing and business initiatives.

When asked why she enjoys working with CWDkids (we assume that she must having stuck with us for so long) she says, "There is one common goal at CWDkids and that is to make customers happy and always look for new ways to delight the customers further. I was welcomed into the family many years ago and I have never been treated as a vendor. CWDkids has supported me both professionally and personally and watched me grow and mature through the years. I am completely united with CWDkids in the goal to delight the customer and as a customer myself, have always been impressed with the quality of the product and the lengths this company will go through to ensure that I get the right product in both appearance and sizing. I am a true cheerleader for CWDkids and my friends and family all appreciate getting a CWDkids gift from me!"

Jean will be welcoming a new customer into the CWDkids family. She is expecting her first child in the upcoming months. We are not quite sure how we will survive maternity leave without her, but we are so excited for her! In her spare time, Jean enjoys gardening and other outdoor activities, going to festivals, and spending time with her girlfriends shopping, going out to dinner or just talking. Most of her time recently has been taken up preparing her house, husband and self for the babies arrival.

Jean's Tidbits:
  • I love animals and currently live with 3 dogs, 1 cat, and my cat's pet goldfish!

  • I am an avid reader and have filled three bookcases in my house with books read over the past 10 years

  • I love many types of music and am addicted to my satellite radio which I have installed in both my home and my car. I also enjoy live music, the more eclectic, the better!

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