Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Favorite Non-Registry Gifts

I had my baby shower this weekend! It was so much fun to get together with a group of girls, open presents, and eat small sandwiches and pink sherbet! I have received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts....I am so grateful for everything our family and friends have done to help us prepare for the arrival of our little girl.

Luckily my mom was in town for the shower (she lives about 6 hours away) and helped me get organized. We went through all the gifts and sorted them by theme: books, bath, diaper changing, clothing by size, etc. She was a tremendous help!

As we sorted through the gifts, I realized that most people have stuck to the gift registry, which I feel is always the safest bet. You register for a reason, right? A few brave souls however, ventured off of my registry....Here's a list of items that I did not register for that I thought were great. I will definitely go back to these ideas the next time I need to buy a baby gift and want to include a little surprise....

-Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay - I love Coldplay and these lullaby versions are so soothing!

-Painted wooden chair/stool - for when she's older. She can use it to see herself in the mirror or when she needs a boost to help bake cookies :) For now, it just looks adorable in her nursery.

-Growth Chart - looks adorable hanging on the wall!

-Pacifier Clasp - Cute grosgrain ribbon clip that you attach to your baby's clothing so you don't loose the pacifier. Looks like this.

Bad Dog Marley! - If you have a lab, which we do, this is a perfect book!
Someday - Get the tissues ready for this one.

-Just for Mom - Pedicure & Starbucks gift certificates along with a bottle of wine! Can't wait to put all of these to use!

-Teething Bling - Teething ring necklace which is actually very fashionable!

-A swatch of my mother-in-laws wedding dress, to give to our daughter on her wedding day. Sniff.

-Onesie or tee with favorite sports team, college, or music group. (Go Yankees!)

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