Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lilly Was Here!

Anyone who passed by our office last week would know for sure that our Lilly Pulitzer representative Nicole was in town--her Jeep is a dead give-away!

We asked Nicole if she receives a lot of attention when driving the Lilly Jeep and she certainly does! She said she gets a lot of stares and honks, and was once asked by a young girl if Nicole would follow her home in hopes that her dad would agree to buy her the same Jeep!

Here is a sneak peek at some some items we are considering purchasing for our Resort 2009 collection next spring. Classic button down cardigans and two dresses all in classic Lilly colors. The green dress on the left is a new style for Lilly that we fell in love with! Click on the image for a better look and tell us what you think!

View our current Lilly Pulitzer selection here.

Also - be on the lookout this summer for a Lilly promotional giveaway at CWDkids....we'll keep you posted!


A Southern Mom Of 3 said...

I love the kelly green dress. Cute new style!

Anonymous said...

Lilly just opened up a new store here in Palm Beach Gardens. If you think that jeep is over the top, you should see the dressing rooms in her store!!!

Suzanne said...

Love those dresses!

Anonymous said...

Love that Jeep! Maybe Lilly should sell cars too!