Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Time To Pack For Camp!

I cannot believe that school is out and it is time to dust off the camp trunks and get my two oldest children packed up for sleep away camp. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from my summers at an overnight camp in North Carolina.

My thirteen year old son has been going to month long camp for the past four years. He and I have become experts at packing his bag. However, this will be my ten year old daughter’s first time at a two week camp in the North Carolina mountains. I want her to have a wonderful time so I have really been brainstorming on what I need to send with her to ensure a terrific camp experience.

Here are a few ideas that I have learned over the years:
  • Buy an egg carton mattress pad. This makes the camp’s slim mattresses a lot more comfortable.
  • LABEL all of their belongings. Get waterproof labels or use a label maker to make stick on labels for flashlights, water bottles, toilet articles.
  • Wrap a surprise gift for the child to find as they unpack their belongings. Depending on the age, this could be a new stuffed animal or the newest children’s book of the summer. I am planning on surprising my daughter with the newest of the 39 Clues mystery series started by fabulous tween author Rick Riordan.
Now, for girls, I have come up with some special extras:
  • Find a colorful, fun pillowcase so your child’s camp bunk has personality. Girls love to be snazzy! Some girls even bring a crazy patterned rug to put beside their bunk.
  • Let your child select what nightgowns or pajamas she wants to bring to camp. My daughter selected this nightgown for her first night at camp.
One final tip, send your child a letter before they leave home so they will have mail on their first day. Take a look here. We found a terrific article from PBS with more ideas on how to prepare your child for camp.

Check out CWDkids suggestions of summer camp must-have's. Good luck!!


Katharine Joyce said...

This is a terrific article! It has inspired me as we begin to pack our sons for camp in VT this summer. Keep the tips coming Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Why don't camps let parents send care packages anymore. That was the best part of camp!

Anonymous said...

An egg crate mattress? Brilliant! My most vivid memory of camp was the awful cot!!!