Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrate Dear Old Dad!

Father’s Day is Sunday! If your children are like mine, you have to plant a few ideas to get something created for the big day. I have scoured the Internet and found some great ideas.

My children love to start their Father’s Day off with a special breakfast. My husband loves to sleep in. He is happy to stay in bed while the kids concoct a surprise feast for him. I think we are going to make these scrumptious looking buttermilk pancakes from the Citrus blog on Sunday.

I really like for my children to make something for Father’s Day. My husband’s favorite Father’s Day gift was the gift my oldest son gave to him last year. My son wrote him a letter thanking him for being a great dad and all the things that he loved about him. My husband still has the letter in his top drawer.

I also found some great ideas from Martha Stewart. Take a peek here for homemade bookmarks to a car wash kit!

Our very best wishes to all fathers on Sunday... We hope it is a great day!

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The Gump Family said...

My boys are without their dad AGAIN as he is on his third deployment to Iraq. They wrote him books this year and sent them to him. Better than any store bought gift.