Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brag Book - Customer Photos

We love this customer photo sent to us from Courtney of her three children in their matching Lightning Bug outfits!

Jack 9, Belle 7, and Henry 3 have a blast wearing these glow-in-the-dark outfits. Here's what mom had to say:

The kids love the outfits. My youngest son, Henry is especially thrilled that they glow in the dark and proudly tells everyone who asks him. We've worn the outfits several times this summer. To a wedding rehearsal, to a company picnic, and for these photos (taken by their aunt, a professional photographer). I love that they are comfortable for the kids, but that they still look put together. My kids love that they match, but that Belle can still have a dress to wear. Thanks again for such a great product!

Photo courtesy of Natalie Nigito, Philadelphia, PA.


craftfrog said...

This is one of my favorite presents to the big brother or sister when there is a new baby in the family. It's a cute and inexpensive way to make the "big kids" feel special too!

Unknown said...

The cutest ever!! And what great outfits!! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw my grandchildren wearing them at the wedding! And it was obvious that the kids love them as well.inted

Unknown said...

Correction to my original comment: They wore their outfits to the rehearsal, not to the wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, a big hit with all!