Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brag Book - Customer Photos

We love this customer photo sent to us from Courtney of her three children in their matching Lightning Bug outfits!

Jack 9, Belle 7, and Henry 3 have a blast wearing these glow-in-the-dark outfits. Here's what mom had to say:

The kids love the outfits. My youngest son, Henry is especially thrilled that they glow in the dark and proudly tells everyone who asks him. We've worn the outfits several times this summer. To a wedding rehearsal, to a company picnic, and for these photos (taken by their aunt, a professional photographer). I love that they are comfortable for the kids, but that they still look put together. My kids love that they match, but that Belle can still have a dress to wear. Thanks again for such a great product!

Photo courtesy of Natalie Nigito, Philadelphia, PA.

Meet Bennett

Meet Bennett Lynwood Roberts!

Born June 16, 2009 at 4:51 PM

7 pounds, 13 inches.

Bennett's proud parents are Chris and Gretchen Roberts. Chris is our fabulous IT extraordinaire! He handles all of our IT and web site programming maintenance, issues, and upgrades. Chris works for Data-Directions, Inc. and although he is not technically a CWDkids staff member we still feel like he is a part of our family!

Congratulations Chris and Gretchen, and welcome Bennett!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Staff Profile - Tracy

Update! Since writing this profile last year, I actually ran my first marathon! My friend, Sonia, and I trained starting in July so we thought we were well prepared once November 15th arrived. What I was not prepared for was the weather that day...hot and VERY humid after a night of terrible thunderstorms. Add in some sun and gusty wind starting at mile 18 and I feel lucky that I finished. That said, my time was not too bad at 4 hours 27 minutes! My family came out to cheer us on at 4 stops which helped a lot. You can see my dad and daughter in the photo from the finish - my husband was the photographer (and chauffeur that day.) Please excuse the bad hair...i had been pouring water on my myself for the last 2 hours of the race! I don't plan to run another full marathon but do have a couple of half marathons on tap for this fall. The best part is that my daughter told me she wants to run the kids race as soon as she is old enough :)

Staff Profile - Tracy (with CWDkids since 1997)

I really have no idea why I remember the date, but I do know that my first day of work at CWDkids was July 15, 1997 which means that I have been with the company for 11 years now. I will turn 35 this year and most of my friends have had at least 2 or 3 different jobs in that same timeframe. When people ask how I have been one place for so long, it is a simple answer … “because I really love working here.”

Because we have such a small office, there is really no “working your way up the ladder” I have simply been allowed to grow as the company grows. When I first started, my job was primarily our catalog circulation. Over the years, I have added many other responsibilities to the list, the biggest of which is overseeing our website, cwdkids.com. I am currently the VP – Marketing & Operations which allows me to be involved in many different projects on a regular basis.

Having a master’s degree in Art History, who would have guessed that I would end up working in e-commerce? I was living in Washington, DC and in addition to having realized that the museum world was not for me, I had decided that the traffic and commuting was too much (and that was 11 years ago!). The question was where to move?

Richmond seemed to be the perfect middle ground between the small city that I had grown up in and DC. But what would I do? I started networking and had a couple of job interviews in the art field when I was introduced to the Klaus family and CWDkids. I set up what I thought was just an informational interview with our President, Jim Klaus. At the end of our discussion, he informed me that they wanted to hire someone to help with marketing (at that point, he had been doing it all himself). After some serious consideration, I decided to give it a shot and discovered that it was a great fit for me.

I really enjoy all aspects of my job from working with our printer and paper contacts to learning more than I ever thought that I would know about websites, servers, and e-commerce technology. However, as many others on our staff have already mentioned, the best part is the office itself. Having had my first child in 2007 (pictured with me above on our annual beach trip), I appreciate the fact that our small family-run business is so flexible even more than I did prior to her birth. It is nice to know that your employer cares not only about you, but about your work-life balance. I plan on sticking around for many more years to come and hope that you will continue to shop with CWDkids too!

Tracy’s Tidbits:
  • I ran my first marathon this November!

  • I enjoy golf. After several years at it, I realize that I am not Tiger Woods (shocking, huh?) Once in a while I may break 100, but finally realize that the point is to have fun!

  • I have no desire to move north of Virginia… the winters here are plenty cold for me!
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Friday, June 26, 2009

This Week's Faves!

Ashley - Oh, I wish I had a toddler! I found the cutest idea on the No Time for Flashcards blog. This blogger made a pretend mailbox for her son so he could play pretend post office. She also had him make his own letters to "mail". I think this looks like hours of fun! Take a look to here see how you can create your own post office at home!

Tracy - I ran across this link on one of the mom blogs I follow. I have not signed up, but am thinking of giving, Alice, a service for organizing and purchasing household necessities online a try. If I can cut out a couple of trips to the store for everyday necessitates, I am all for it! If you decide to try it, or already use this service, comment to this post and let me know how you like it!

Kara - Did anyone see this story on the NBC nightly news with Brian Williams last night? It's all the rage in London.... "Rollasole" vending machines at different venues like bars and dance clubs that dispense a cute pair of ballet flats and a pouch to keep your heels in! I thought it was brilliant.....and hilarious that the founder came up with this idea after constant complaints from his girlfriend and having to provide numerous piggy back rides because of her tired feet! Vending machines are expected to make an appearance in the US soon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Staff Profile - Jean

Update! Since writing this profile last year I have been blessed with my baby Hannah! Remember all those things I said I enjoyed doing? Well forget that! Now that Hannah is part of the family, there is no time for going to festivals, gardening, or going out with my girlfriends. However, I really like this mommy stuff! Many wise mothers tell me that normal life does begin to return as your children grow older. (Of course they say it with a grin and then give me all the gory details about the amount of time I will spend carting her around to her activities.) Let me say that I feel very blessed to have been given the gift of a child who is sweet, personable, easy going, and beautiful.

I was thrilled to see that CWDkids is carrying infant sizes in a few dresses this summer and I couldn't pass up the temptation to buy these for her. I've always loved our clothes and I could always imagine which of my nieces, nephews, or friends children would look good wearing them. Now, I hoard the catalog and try to guess what size Hannah might be in the future so I can snatch up the "must-haves" in hope she can eventually wear them. Working for a children's clothing company is probably not a wise decision for my pocketbook....but it is a lot of fun!

Profile - Jean

While Jean does not technically work for CWDkids, she has become a part of our family over the past 12 years. She is the account rep at our fulfillment center and has worked with us so long that we have adopted her as a honorary staffer!
Officially, Jean's job duties include ensuring that the computer systems, call center, distribution center and supporting vendors are handling business per our requirements and policies, conducting business analytics to support and grow CWDkids' business, and partnering with CWDkids on new ventures. To us, she is the Jean-of-all-trades! She will tackle virtually any project that we throw her way. She knows so much about the fulfillment industry that we rely on her expertise heavily. We are so thankful of her knowledge, but more importantly for her work ethic. She is ALWAYS there when we need her!

Jean has worked in the catalog and web industry for over 20 years. From call center associate, returns processor, customer service supervisor to account support, she has worked for so many departments that she has a very well rounded understanding of all processes which allows her to advise us on all of our fulfillment processes as well as other marketing and business initiatives.

When asked why she enjoys working with CWDkids (we assume that she must having stuck with us for so long) she says, "There is one common goal at CWDkids and that is to make customers happy and always look for new ways to delight the customers further. I was welcomed into the family many years ago and I have never been treated as a vendor. CWDkids has supported me both professionally and personally and watched me grow and mature through the years. I am completely united with CWDkids in the goal to delight the customer and as a customer myself, have always been impressed with the quality of the product and the lengths this company will go through to ensure that I get the right product in both appearance and sizing. I am a true cheerleader for CWDkids and my friends and family all appreciate getting a CWDkids gift from me!"

Jean will be welcoming a new customer into the CWDkids family. She is expecting her first child in the upcoming months. We are not quite sure how we will survive maternity leave without her, but we are so excited for her! In her spare time, Jean enjoys gardening and other outdoor activities, going to festivals, and spending time with her girlfriends shopping, going out to dinner or just talking. Most of her time recently has been taken up preparing her house, husband and self for the babies arrival.

Jean's Tidbits:
  • I love animals and currently live with 3 dogs, 1 cat, and my cat's pet goldfish!

  • I am an avid reader and have filled three bookcases in my house with books read over the past 10 years

  • I love many types of music and am addicted to my satellite radio which I have installed in both my home and my car. I also enjoy live music, the more eclectic, the better!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Deal of the Day! - EXPIRED

Wednesday Deal of the Day: $9.00 Shoes!! Chose from any of these pair of shoes for only $9 each!

Multi Flower Flip Flop - Originally $34
Wednesday Deal - $9!

Flower Sandal - Originally $34
Wednesday Deal - $9!

Star Print Shoe - Originally $29
Wednesday Deal - $9!

Jelly Ballet Flat - Originally $32
Wednesday Deal - $9!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Friends From Flapdoodles Were Here!

Our representatives from Flapdoodles, Joanne Post and Jeff Glick recently made a trip to Richmond! They came from New York, and unfortunately missed a connecting flight and had to drive the last leg of the trip from Washington D.C., but they made it!

Luckily, their trunks of sample merchandise made it as well. Joanne was nice enough to pose with the unpacked sample pieces so that we could show our readers....

The CWDkids merchandising team meets with our vendors on a regular basis to determine what to buy for the upcoming season. Flapdoodles brought us merchandise to view for the Spring 2010 season. Here are some cute items that we are considering buying. Let us know what you think!

For girl's, comfy tunic tops in bold colors and patterns with matching leggings, and for Boy's, hip screen printed Rash Guards and coordinating swim trunks.

(Click on the images for a closer look...)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oops - We Forgot to Announce the Winner

We accidentally forgot to announce the winner to our Fall Sneak Peek contest. The winner is Jennifer DiFilippo Martin, who left her comment on Facebook. Congratulations Jennifer! Please contact us at cathywdaley@cwdkids.com with your mailing address and we will send the gift certificate out to you right away!

Staff Profile - Tina

Update! Since writing this profile last year, my daughter Whitley has finished her first semester of college and has declared her major as Liberal Arts. She enjoyed her classes so much that she did not miss a day from school except for a few snow days, and she is taking two classes this summer. She is also planning to add Pharmacy Tech to her major. We are so proud of her and her plans to accomplish her dreams and reach her goals!

Staff Profile - Tina
(with CWDkids since 1986)

I am another one of CWDkids’ long-timers! I have worked for the company since 1986. When I was originally hired, I was the receptionist, and I distinctly remember all the calls that we received after that first catalog was mailed in 1987. At that time, we were all pitching in taking orders over the phone and fulfilling shipments from our office here in Richmond, VA.

Over the years, my job duties have changed and I have had the chance to work in several different areas. Currently, I handle our damaged merchandise processing, catalog setup in our computer system, creating store merchandise tickets, and recapping sales results by item for each catalog.

However, one of the best parts of my job is purchasing birthday cakes for each staff member…I think that we have at least one staff member in every month with a birthday which means we have a company party at least that often which we all love. After all, who can resist cake?

Over the years, I have been able to take advantage of the discount that I get working for a kids clothing company, but unfortunately, my children, Corey and Whitley, are all grown up now. Whitley just graduated from high school in June and will be leaving for college at the end of the summer. She is my youngest and we are best buddies. I will miss going to the movies and shopping with her, but most of all, I will miss just having her around. Enjoy the time with your little ones while you can. I can tell you from experience that they grow up way too fast!

Tina’s Tidbits:

  • I love Italian and Chinese food.
  • The Washington Redskins are my favorite football team!!
  • I have to have that one cup of coffee to get me through the morning rush.

$12.99 Rash Gaurds!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrate Dear Old Dad!

Father’s Day is Sunday! If your children are like mine, you have to plant a few ideas to get something created for the big day. I have scoured the Internet and found some great ideas.

My children love to start their Father’s Day off with a special breakfast. My husband loves to sleep in. He is happy to stay in bed while the kids concoct a surprise feast for him. I think we are going to make these scrumptious looking buttermilk pancakes from the Citrus blog on Sunday.

I really like for my children to make something for Father’s Day. My husband’s favorite Father’s Day gift was the gift my oldest son gave to him last year. My son wrote him a letter thanking him for being a great dad and all the things that he loved about him. My husband still has the letter in his top drawer.

I also found some great ideas from Martha Stewart. Take a peek here for homemade bookmarks to a car wash kit!

Our very best wishes to all fathers on Sunday... We hope it is a great day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Favorite Non-Registry Gifts

I had my baby shower this weekend! It was so much fun to get together with a group of girls, open presents, and eat small sandwiches and pink sherbet! I have received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts....I am so grateful for everything our family and friends have done to help us prepare for the arrival of our little girl.

Luckily my mom was in town for the shower (she lives about 6 hours away) and helped me get organized. We went through all the gifts and sorted them by theme: books, bath, diaper changing, clothing by size, etc. She was a tremendous help!

As we sorted through the gifts, I realized that most people have stuck to the gift registry, which I feel is always the safest bet. You register for a reason, right? A few brave souls however, ventured off of my registry....Here's a list of items that I did not register for that I thought were great. I will definitely go back to these ideas the next time I need to buy a baby gift and want to include a little surprise....

-Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay - I love Coldplay and these lullaby versions are so soothing!

-Painted wooden chair/stool - for when she's older. She can use it to see herself in the mirror or when she needs a boost to help bake cookies :) For now, it just looks adorable in her nursery.

-Growth Chart - looks adorable hanging on the wall!

-Pacifier Clasp - Cute grosgrain ribbon clip that you attach to your baby's clothing so you don't loose the pacifier. Looks like this.

Bad Dog Marley! - If you have a lab, which we do, this is a perfect book!
Someday - Get the tissues ready for this one.

-Just for Mom - Pedicure & Starbucks gift certificates along with a bottle of wine! Can't wait to put all of these to use!

-Teething Bling - Teething ring necklace which is actually very fashionable!

-A swatch of my mother-in-laws wedding dress, to give to our daughter on her wedding day. Sniff.

-Onesie or tee with favorite sports team, college, or music group. (Go Yankees!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fashion Emergency?

Two weeks ago, my daughter graduated from elementary school. In the fall, she will be moving on to middle school. She has been dreaming of her own locker, not having to walk in lines… I know what you are thinking... graduating from the fourth grade, big deal! Let me tell you, this is a big deal to a ten year old girl.

At her school, there is an hour long ceremony to celebrate graduation from elementary school. For months, my daughter debated which dress and shoes she would wear. She tried on MANY dresses. She finally decided on this dress and these sandals. She was thrilled.

On the big day, my husband and I got in our seats just in time to watch the children parade in. Much to my chagrin, there were four girls in the dress she almost wore and another girl in the dress she did wear. After all of her planning about her outfit, I feared that she would be disappointed to have a twin on her big day. I have learned the hard way that you never know the mood of a preteen. After the graduation, she ran up to me and said, “Isn’t that great that my friend has on the same dress as me?!” Unlike grown up girls, I learned that little girls LOVE to be dressed alike. There was NO fashion emergency, we actually had a fashion triumph!

Wednesday Deal of the Day! EXPIRED

Stock up on summer basics for Girls & Boys!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tell Us What You Think

OK, so we know that summer has not officially begun, but we are already thinking about Fall at CWDkids! Here are 3 possible covers for our upcoming catalog and we want to know what you think!

Please click on the above image for a closer look and tell us which cover, artistically, you like best. Think about the cover from a creative standpoint, not necessarily focusing only on the merchandise. We would love to hear your opinion on which image leaves you wanting more...which one would get your curiosity flowing and make you want to open the catalog to see what else is inside?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Up to 80% Off PLUS $5 Shipping!

Receive $5 Standard Shipping on any order of $50 or more for Three Days Only! Stock up during our end of season clearance* and save on shipping as well!! Just enter coupon code CFWSHP in the coupon code box during checkout. Shipping offer expires 11:59 EST June 18, 2009.

*sale prices valid online only, not at retail location.

Staff Profile - Tammy

Update! Since writing this profile last year, I got married to the love of my life on August 30, 2008. We went on a two week honeymoon to Cherry Grove, South Carolina and came back to Richmond to live happily ever after.

Staff Profile -Tammy (with CWDkids since 1998)

In August 1998, I started at CWDkids by opening and managing our children’s clothing store in Virginia Beach, VA.

Three years later in August 2001 my mom, living in Richmond, fell breaking her hip. After surgery to put her hip back together she was left permanently disabled at the age of 56. She would never be able to walk unassisted or work again. It was a life changing moment for her as well as for me.

I made a decision to call the president of our company and ask if I could come to Richmond to work in our corporate office so that I would be closer to my mom and sister. I was nervous as I made that phone call. What if he said no? Lucky for me he didn’t say no. And here I am in our office seven years later eternally grateful for such a generous, compassionate boss who worked with me because he understands the importance of family.

I’ve worn a lot of different hats in my 10 years at CWDkids. I’ve gone from our retail stores, to merchandising and buying, to my current position as a part of our creative department. For the past two years I’ve been the copywriter for our kids’ clothing catalog and website. I’m fortunate enough to go on photo shoots and help out when we’re shooting flats (translation--iron the clothes before they’re photographed!).

Tammy’s Tidbits:
  • I love concerts and in the last three years have seen: Michael Buble (twice), Kenny Chesney (twice), Dave Matthews (10 times and counting), Pat Green, (twice), Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet, Sugarland, Phil Vassar, Lonestar, and I’m gearing up for another concert summer.
  • What I’ve secretly always wanted to do: Host the CMT Countdown every week…if I lived in Nashville, that is.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fall Sneak Peek

We've added some Fall 2009 merchandise to our website and it's available for pre-order! Place your order now and you will not be charged until the items ship later this summer. See Girl's Sneak Peek. See Boy's Sneak Peek.

This Week's Faves!

Ashley: I must admit that I am overwhelmed by how much I want to accomplish with my three children this summer. This week, I found "The Summer List" idea on the Forever Folding Laundry blog. I hope making my own list will help me get organized! Call a family meeting and brainstorm what each family member wants to accomplish this summer. Let everyone participate. The list of items can range from small to big plans. Post your list on your central command post....the refrigerator. The whole family will have fun checking off achievements all summer long.

Kara: My husband and I were recently having a conversation regarding how we feel about visitors (family) when our baby is born. Of course, we want more than anything for our families to be there, but we also want to make sure we have time alone, just the three of us :) I enjoyed reading this related article on grandparents.com!

Tracy: I received this email from Daily Candy Kids and thought it was great shout-out for Richmond, VA! We are a city rich in history, and there are so many interesting, fun, and educational trips and outings available to us. If you will be passing through the Richmond area this summer, check out one of these wonderful places.

Jim: I cannot wait to see the newly unveiled High Line park the next time I am in New York City for market! Such an interesting concept, an artistic walkway park & garden built upon elevated abandon railway tracks. I'm sure New Yorkers love it!

Staff Profile - Carol Marie

Since writing this profile last year our family was blessed on 3/6/09 when we welcomed my gorgeous son, Sammy into this world. Every day I enjoy sharing those special moments and new experiences with him!

Staff Profile - Carol Marie (with CWDkids since 2006)

Over the years, I have been employed by big and small businesses. I have come to realize that employees at a family run business feel more appreciated; we are more than a number. In 2006, I was researching small businesses in the area and found that CWDkids was hiring! I applied to be a sales associate at our retail locations and was hired. I could sense the family atmosphere and was really excited to start on a new adventure.

In late December of that year, I moved to Crewe, VA which is about an hour and 20 minutes away from Richmond. I found that I needed to begin my work day earlier and luckily CWDkids found a way to accommodate my new schedule. I moved from the stores to the corporate office and began running early morning reports and working in our retail warehouse.

As I got comfortable with reports from our office systems, more responsibilities were added to my plate. I began to maintain spreadsheets for our retail buyers along with ticketing the clothing so I have a very good understanding of the garments and brands that we carry.

When Kelly moved to Ohio last fall, I was given a great opportunity. I have taken over customer service emails, website maintenance, email campaign setup and also put together many of our web marketing reports. I am very excited to be able to help customers so please contact me at support@cwdkids.com if you have any questions or need any assistance with your order.

Outside of work, I am quite busy. I met the love of my life almost 3 years ago. My family grew quickly as he has 3 children and 2 lovable (at least to those they like) Rottweilers, an American and a German. The American Rottweiler fell in love with my Staffordshire Terrier - they even act like a couple, sharing food and toys! We live in the middle of 4 acres with a pond. I love that you could drive right past my driveway without noticing it. Even GPS systems will tell you that you have arrived at your destination about 2 miles from my house!

Carol Marie's Tidbits:
  • I love football....just face it, the Giants rule!
  • My next dog is going to be a Mastiff.
  • I had my first baby, Sammy in March!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 CWDkids Care Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Devin from Beverly Hills, Michigan, winner of this year's CWDkids Care Contest!

Devin is an incredible young man who wanted to make a positive difference. His hard work and dedication to helping others is truly inspiring.

As the grand prize winner of our contest, CWDkids will donate $5,000 in Devin's name to Make-A-Wish, Detroit chapter. Also, he will be recognized in our next catalog and will receive a $500 gift certificate to CWDkids.

Please read the entry letter sent in by his mother, Nancy as well as an update on Devin's involvement with O Ambassadors:

Devin's Diner
This is the story of my son Devin. Devin is currently 11 years old, but the start of the story began when Devin was 8. Devin met another boy who inspired him to start making a difference in people's lives. Devin became aware of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and decided to hold a hot dog fundraiser out of our garage to raise money for sick kids. Before the event, I drove him from business to business and we priced out supplies, and Devin asked store managers for donations. He made all the decisions on what he wanted to sell, and figured out how much he should charge to maximize the money he could give to Make-A-Wish. He invited the local police and fireman, hoping they would show up so Devin could feed them for free, thanking them for all they do. Imagine his surprise when a fire truck and police car came down our street with sirens and lights on! They arrived and let all the children at Devin's event climb on their equipment. They also refused to let Devin feed them for free and told them how proud they were of him and "to keep up the good work!" Devin's first one day hot dog fundraiser raised over $500 in 3 hours! He contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a representative came out to meet him after the event. Devin learned that the money he raised was going to help a local family with airfare so they could take their 3 year old child with cancer to Disney World! That was all he needed to decide, this was something he was going to do all the time! And so, this event marked the birth of "Devin's Diner."

The following fall, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a very aggressive form, and I was stage 3. Devin decided that for his hot dog fundraiser that year, he would donate all the money he earned to the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, so that I would be able to walk in the event. In his one day hot dog sale, he made over $1500! It was amazing! His Diner was expanding to include not only hot dogs, but he had a couple of carnival games, and added nachos to the menu. Again, the police and fireman came out to support him. Soon, our community was learning about him, and he continued to open Devin's Diner each spring. When he was 10, he once again raised over $1000 in his 3rd annual one day event for the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. More people were learning about him, and last summer, he was invited to bring his popcorn and lemonade stand (he makes the best fresh squeezed lemonade) to our village's 100th anniversary celebration. Devin made $800 that day, and donated all the money he raised to the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk - once again! He was interviewed by the local cable community station. He has been invited to bring his Diner to different locations and has continued to donate 100% of his profits to breast cancer organizations.

To say I am proud of my son, doesn't begin to describe my feelings. I am proud that he puts so much time and energy into making a difference in the lives of others. We have so much to be grateful for, and I am a very proud mom in that my son is determined to find a cure for cancer, and more importantly, sees the importance in helping others. The pride he gets when he raises the money is so wonderful to see. He never ONCE asked to raise the money for himself, but instead to hand it over to a deserving charity. I would love for his charity of choice to change back to Make-A-Wish, or any other organization - I hate that his life was affected so personally when I was diagnosed! But what really makes me proud, is that I never asked him to change his charity of choice, he decided to do so when I was diagnosed. I would love for him to be acknowledged with being able to give $5000 in his name to the charity of his choice! That would just blow his socks off!!


Since sending in his entry, Devin's mother has updated us that he is currently involved in a school based program called O Ambassadors, a joint project of Oprah's Angel Network and Free the Children:

His elementary school applied for the program and was accepted! Devin is a member of the O Ambassadors after school program geared towards 4th and 5th graders. They focus on the poverty issues, health issues, education issues and sustainable development issues facing the poor children of Latin America. The O Ambassadors learn about these tough issues, how many children in Latin America don't have safe drinking water, or schools, or how many die of hunger, or from preventable diseases.

The club members then held awareness sessions--they acted as the ambassadors to the rest of the school. They hung up posters regarding poverty, health and education statistics - to help other students understand the problems so much of the world faces. We saw some startling movies of child laborers... it was an educational program, but also, the kids affected change by having fundraisers. The money they raise will go to a suffering region of Latin America and possibly go towards providing fresh drinking water, or providing medical supplies, or school supplies. Devin's club raised over $2500 in 5 months!

Everyone at CWDkids would like to congratulate Devin for his good work not only in his community, but now the steps he is taking to help others world-wide. Devin, you are an inspiration, keep up the good work!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Deal of the Day! EXPIRED

Wednesday Deal - $10.00 Bathing Suits for Boys and Girls!

Check out these 23 swim styles* only $10 each from top brands.

Hurry and take advantage of these great deals while you can. Stock up for the pool, vacation, and camp now!

*prices valid online only, not at retail location.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Time To Pack For Camp!

I cannot believe that school is out and it is time to dust off the camp trunks and get my two oldest children packed up for sleep away camp. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from my summers at an overnight camp in North Carolina.

My thirteen year old son has been going to month long camp for the past four years. He and I have become experts at packing his bag. However, this will be my ten year old daughter’s first time at a two week camp in the North Carolina mountains. I want her to have a wonderful time so I have really been brainstorming on what I need to send with her to ensure a terrific camp experience.

Here are a few ideas that I have learned over the years:
  • Buy an egg carton mattress pad. This makes the camp’s slim mattresses a lot more comfortable.
  • LABEL all of their belongings. Get waterproof labels or use a label maker to make stick on labels for flashlights, water bottles, toilet articles.
  • Wrap a surprise gift for the child to find as they unpack their belongings. Depending on the age, this could be a new stuffed animal or the newest children’s book of the summer. I am planning on surprising my daughter with the newest of the 39 Clues mystery series started by fabulous tween author Rick Riordan.
Now, for girls, I have come up with some special extras:
  • Find a colorful, fun pillowcase so your child’s camp bunk has personality. Girls love to be snazzy! Some girls even bring a crazy patterned rug to put beside their bunk.
  • Let your child select what nightgowns or pajamas she wants to bring to camp. My daughter selected this nightgown for her first night at camp.
One final tip, send your child a letter before they leave home so they will have mail on their first day. Take a look here. We found a terrific article from PBS with more ideas on how to prepare your child for camp.

Check out CWDkids suggestions of summer camp must-have's. Good luck!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Clothe That Kid: Part 3 - School Daze!

Preschool: check. Time for the wonderful elementary school years! From kindergarten to fifth or sixth grade, you will encounter new experiences almost daily. Putting your "baby" (they will always be your "baby" no matter how old they get) on the bus for the first time will be your first new experience. Take tons of pictures for the scrapbook and remember to wear waterproof mascara that day...you don't want to frighten all the other children with your raccoon eyes!

First through third grade are pretty uneventful--school field trips, plays, reading, writing and math. As far as clothing, you will want to start buying cargo shorts for your sons. They will come home with all sorts of stuff they find on the playground. When you hear that distinct rattling in your dryer, you'll know you forgot to check his pockets for rocks again! If you son participates in sports like soccer, baseball, basketball or lacrosse, you will want to buy them shirts with an athletic fit from manufacturers like Wes & Willy or Mulberribush. An athletic fit allows them room to throw a ball, swing a bat or lacrosse stick. Boys hate clothes that are too tight!

Now, girls are a different story. They'll get on a kick of either always wearing a dress, or NEVER wanting to wear one. I had three daughters and once they discovered jeans, it was hard to get them to wear anything else. Either way, your son or daughter will begin to reveal more of their personalities during this time. Cargo pants and shorts are must haves for boys. So are cool tee shirts and shoes. My youngest grandson loves the shoes that light up when he walks. Girls have so many more choices--skirts, skorts, shorts, carpi's, leggings, pants, and dresses. Oh, an FYI regarding size 6X: This is basically a half size between 6 and 7. This in-between size gives them a little extra tummy and hip room.

I find most children in elementary school do best with full elastic waist garments. If your child is slender, the elastic stops at the waist so they're not tugging at their pants all day. If you child has a tummy, it allows plenty of stretch so they'll be comfortable. I don't know who invented the adjustable waist tabs, but in my opinion they are genius! Brands like Polo, Hartstrings, Kitestring, and E-land offer adjustable waists.

In my final segment, I will talk about 7-14 size range. This is often referred to as "tween" sizing. Tweens have a lot of buying power and influence in today's retail market. Be prepared!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Reserve Your Favorites for Fall Now!

We have added a sneak preview of our Fall 2009 collection to the CWDkids.com site!

Pre-order any of these super cute styles now, and we will not charge your credit card until they actually ship! Now that's a deal!

As an added bonus, browse the entire Girls' and Boys' Fall Sneak Peek sections, post a comment here or on our Facebook wall and tell us which outfit is your favorite.

We will choose one lucky winner to receive a $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE from all comments posted by Tuesday June 9, 2009.
Good luck!

We can't wait to hear what you think!

This Week's Faves!

Ashley: In my house, school is out for the summer! Luckily, I found a great idea on how to keep my kids busy this summer on the Makes and Takes blog. It is called the “Summer Tub O’ Fun”, filled to the brim with wonderful arts and crafts supplies! When you hear, the "Mom, I'm bored" cry, just pull out the tub and let your children have fun. Let us know if you have any great ideas on how you are planning to keep your kids busy this summer, we'd love to hear from you.

Kara: I love this little video I found on the WeatherChannel.com about some baby ducklings that got caught in a storm drain. Watch how the mother duck shows her concern...it might just be the pregnancy hormones, but I actually got teary just thinking about how all creatures, human or animal, love their babies!!

Tracy: These cakes are so creative! I may have to tackle one for my daughter's 3rd birthday… Luckily I have a year to prepare!

Jim: We were thrilled to see one of the Polo Ralph Lauren dresses that we carry in a slide show on the NY Times! Your daughter can sport the same look that appeared at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic - very posh!(A side note - Prince Harry was in attendance). The best news is that the featured dress is on SALE now!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some of you may recognize this face! In May 2007, Fiorenza D. was chosen as the CWDkids cover model contest winner out of thousands of entries. At that time, she was 7 going on 8 years old. This wasn't the first time she had won a national modeling contest. Fiorenza was also chosen as the winner of South Florida Parenting Magazine's kids cover contest in the 5-8 year old category.

In the past two years, Fiorenza has modeled for Vogue Bambini, Fox Isreal, Pinch-a-Penny-Pools, and Photononstop stock photography. She's just turned ten, is entering fifth grade in the fall, and was on honor roll this entire year. In her spare time, she plays soccer and piano.

We are so proud to have featured her on the cover of our summer issue. Congratulations Fiorenza!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Deals of the Day! - EXPIRED

See How Our Garden Grows!

Back in April, I found some great gardening ideas on two of my favorite blogs, Simple Mom and Joy the Baker. I posted a feature about how rewarding it can be to garden with your kids.

First of all, I must admit I do NOT have a green thumb or much success with really any outdoor projects. However, once my children saw that America’s first family was putting in a garden… we had to try to plant something.

Above is a photo of Michelle Obama with an army of school children putting in a garden at the White House. Below is my first lady with her “pizza planter”! Click here to see how we made it.

We have managed to keep our plants alive for a few weeks and have already cooked with our basil! It has been fun for my daughter to be able to go outside to her planter and cut fresh herbs for dinner.

My daughter became very excited about our gardening project and decided she would try her hand at growing some actual crops. She sprinkled a whole envelope of cucumber seeds behind our garage. My youngest son thinks the cucumbers may overtake our yard and become as tall as Jack's beanstalk by the end of the summer. We will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lilly Was Here!

Anyone who passed by our office last week would know for sure that our Lilly Pulitzer representative Nicole was in town--her Jeep is a dead give-away!

We asked Nicole if she receives a lot of attention when driving the Lilly Jeep and she certainly does! She said she gets a lot of stares and honks, and was once asked by a young girl if Nicole would follow her home in hopes that her dad would agree to buy her the same Jeep!

Here is a sneak peek at some some items we are considering purchasing for our Resort 2009 collection next spring. Classic button down cardigans and two dresses all in classic Lilly colors. The green dress on the left is a new style for Lilly that we fell in love with! Click on the image for a better look and tell us what you think!

View our current Lilly Pulitzer selection here.

Also - be on the lookout this summer for a Lilly promotional giveaway at CWDkids....we'll keep you posted!

Monday, June 1, 2009

CWDkids Mascot

Meet, Olivia the King Charles Spaniel!

Olivia belongs to Philip and is the official CWDkids mascot. It is always a treat to hear the tinking of her collar as she wanders into your office! She is such a sweet dog and we love when she comes for a visit. She likes to sniff around and check-up on everyone.

Olivia stopped in last week and posed in front of the CWDkids light box near the front entrance. Great shot Olivia!

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