Friday, May 22, 2009

This Week's Faves!

Tracy: I found this picture on MSNBC… from their week in pictures (#7)… I like this photo because it is artistic, but also makes you think how great it would be to be a kid again!

Melisse: I grew up in a Military family, dad was in the Army, so this organization, Air Compassion for Veterans has special meaning to me! Plus I thought it was an appropriate link to share as Memorial Day weekend approaches. ACV provides free medical air transport to aid in the healing of any wounded warrior, veteran, active duty military person or their family members for as long as needed. Please read the story A Very Special Eight Year Old!

Ashley: Just in time for Memorial Day weekend and my trip to the beach, I found four delicious and easy to make picnic menus on the Real Simple magazine website. Take a look and you will see that they are just my style, partly homemade and partly from the local market. LOVE IT!! With the help of these simple menus, I can make a super beach picnic that I know my family will enjoy and will take VERY little of my time. Who could ask for more?

Tracy: This calculator will show you how much you should be compensated for your "Mom" job responsibilities. (Unfortunately, my daughter cannot afford my suggested salary so I will continue doing this job for hugs and kisses!) There is one for Dad's too…

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